Serving Saturday – 12/14

A New Tradition for SMS Swim and Dive

Coach Berg has started a new tradition for SMS Swim and Dive – SERVING SATURDAY.

The premise is simple.

Sometime between the hours of 7 am – 9:30 am the boys (your kiddos) are to clean their room, rake leaves, do the dishes, clean an area of the house, clean the garage, or whatever chore/project you (the parent/caregiver) can think of that needs to be completed.

The boys are then required to take a picture with a parent or caregiver giving the thumbs up (to show that what chore they did is sufficient) and post the picture on the team GroupMe.

Extra points if your kiddo can make a before and after collage of the chore.

(You know, for world’s meanest parent and all.)

Expect this tradition to show up again when there is a late meet on Friday or during the holidays.