Year: 2021

Weekly Schedule 3-22-21 to 3-28-21

All Practices at SMS this week

The meet on Tuesday has been postponed and will be rescheduled due to the repairs at the Aquatic Center. All practices this week will be at SMS.

Schedule (3/22/21 – 3/28/2021)

  • Monday – SMS – 3-5:30pm
  • Tuesday – SMS – 3-5:30pm
  • Wednesday – SMS 3-5:30pm
  • Thursday – SMS – 3-5:30pm
  • Friday – SMS – 3-5:30pm
  • Sat – SMS – 7:30am-9:30am

Congratulations Seniors!

2021 SMS Girls Swim & Dive Seniors

Special thanks to Jane Buss for the work on the senior poster.

Meet Results from 3-17-21 Plus SMAC Updates

Aquatic Center Down for Repairs

Meets and Practices Relocated/Rescheduled

The SMAC will be down for repairs for the next few weeks after a glass window dislodged, broke, and pieces entered the pool. The pool must now be drained, cleaned, refilled, and brought back to temperature and chemical balance. According to Athletic Director Johnson at SMS, this is expected to take 17 days.

Swim practice for Friday originally scheduled for SMAC will now be at SMS from 3pm-5:30pm. All practices will be at SMS next week. Coach Berg is working on a revised schedule for diving (which was practicing daily at SMAC). It will be announced soon.

The meet originally scheduled for next Tuesday at SMAC will be rescheduled. More information on practice and meet schedules will be coming soon.

Meet Results from Lawrence Free State

Congratulations to everyone on a great first meet. As Coach Berg said in his email to me, “The girls did well. I’m looking forward to a great season!”

Special shout out to those who achieved State Qualifying or Consideration times. See the team qualifiers page for details. To learn more read our primer Understanding State Qualifying.

200 Medley Relay – Schmierer Knust, Rood, Krussow, Ponnuru
50 Free – Olivia Riley and Sarah Ohlde
100 Free – Olivia Riley
100 Backstroke – Gretchen Schmierer Knust

200 Free Relay – Buss, Krussow, S. Ohlde, Riley
400 Free Relay – Buss, Schmierer Knust, Ohlde, Riley

Download Full Meet Results

Meet Results LHS, LFS, SMS – March 17, 2021 (pdf)

Team Suits

Information and Options to Purchase Team Suits

The chosen team suits are now available for purchase direct from the vendors. After evaluating our options, the direct purchase model this year will be the fastest, and in some cases, cheapest route for you.

Note: You are not required to use the team suit. Any one-piece competition suit free of other team logos or names, or large commercial branding, is acceptable.

Speedo Coded Riff Flyback - Green
Speedo Coded Riff Flyback – Green

Recommended Vendors

  • SwimQuik is a local swim supply store. They have set up an SMS Team Page for ordering. The suits are not in-stock and delivery may take 10-14 days. You may wish to call SwimQuik at (913)649-8456 or via email at to confirm availability.
  • SwimOutlet is a swimming superstore online. The suit is currently on sale and available in all sizes according to the site. However quantities may be limited, so we encourage you to act fast if purchasing here. Free shipping options are available. Standard delivery is 2-6 days with rush shipping available.
  • Other retailers to check include Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods online.

Please contact one of the coaches if you have any concerns about your suit.

Weekly Schedule 3-15-21 to 3-21-21

First Meet This Week!

Schedule (3/15/21 – 3/21/2021)

We will be practicing at the SMAC (Shawnee Mission District Aquatic Center) on Monday and Friday, and at SMS Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Schedule Week of 3/15/2021 – 3/21/2021

  • Monday – SMAC – 3-5:30pm
  • Tuesday – SMS – 3-5:30pm
  • Wednesday – Meet @ Lawrence Free State. Divers will be released from class at 11:30am; diving competition begins at 1:30.  Swimmers will be released at 1:30pm; swimming competition begins at 3:30pm. No spectators will be allowed. See more information below.
  • Thursday – SMS – 3-5:30pm
  • Friday – SMAC SMS – 3-5:30pm [updated 3/18/21]
  • Sat – SMS – 7:30am-9:30am

Additional Meet Information
The meet at Lawrence Free State on Wednesday 3/17 will feature separate Dive and Swim competitions. The Dive meet will begin at 1:30pm. The Swim meet will begin at 3:30pm.

No spectators will be allowed to attend. Live Streaming is available. Learn more about meet streaming via NFHS Network. Monthly plans are available.

Sunday Deadlines: Team Registration – Spiritwear Orders

Today’s the last day to register and order additional spiritwear.

Many thanks to all those who have already registered. We appreciate your support! If you haven’t done it yet, please register today.

The SMS Team store will also be closing after today. It’s your last chance to order additional spiritwear. Team t-shirts are only $15. Get them today for friends and family.


Spiritwear Now Available – Registration Reminder

Order Your Spiritwear Today

The girls team store is now open with this year’s spiritwear available for purchase. All orders must be placed by Sunday, March 14th.

Team Registration Reminder

Please complete your team/booster registration by Sunday, March 14th. Remember, all athletes registering receive the team t-shirt, bucket hat, and banquet admission for no additional charge with their registration. Your support of the team is critical – it helps fund team activities and expenses – most of which are not covered by the school and/or district. Please register.

2021 Team Registration + Week 2 Schedule

We Made it to Week 2!

Thanks to everyone for getting the season off to a great start! We know the COVID procedures add a new wrinkle to everything, but you’re doing a good job. Let’s keep everyone safe and healthy through the season.

It’s unfortunate we won’t be able to have the traditional “Bagel Saturday” practices or team dinners this year. We’ll find new ways to support the girls. If you have ideas or suggestions, please contact us at

Now, on with this week’s news and practice schedule.

1. Team Registration – Team Booster Club

It’s time to register. Your support of the team through the Booster Club plays a critical role and benefits the entire team. The funds raised by the Booster Club, and the volunteer efforts of parents, help support the team and the coaches throughout the season. With recent budget cutbacks, your support is needed more than ever. We encourage all participants to please join.

Last year, the Boys and Girls Booster Clubs purchased two digital pace clocks (cost was over $1000) because the school and district would not fund these items. Quality pace clocks are essential to the RPT-based practices organized by Coach Berg. They’ve been a great addition to the pool area and judging by the boys team performance this year, are being put to good use.

In addition to providing much needed support for team activities and expenses including Senior Night, the team Banquet, athlete recognition, and the team website and related costs, each participant who registers will receive a team t-shirt, a team bucket hat, and free team member banquet attendance (if we have it). The bucket hat is available initially only through the booster club registration, any remainders will available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please take a few moments to submit your team/booster registration today. Your timely registration helps us update the team mailing list, order senior banners for display in the pool area, and helps to ensure that the team spiritwear can be ordered as soon as possible.

Booster Registrations are due by Friday, March 12th, 2021 in order for the spiritwear to arrive in a timely manner.

Register Now

2. Team Suits and Caps

Team suits and Team Silicone Caps are available through SwimQuik. When available, we will put a link to their online store on this site. Purchase of the team suit and/or silicone caps is optional. Participants are not required to wear the team suit or cap in competition. However, please keep in mind, all suits and caps used in competition (not practice) cannot have other team insignia or logos, or large commercial logos.

Speedo Coded Riff Flyback - Green

This Year’s Team Suit – Speedo “Coded Riff Flyback”

3. Additional Spiritwear

Additional team Spiritwear for parents, supporters, and participants will be available for purchase directly from the Girls Team Spiritwear Store, which should be available this week. Options include sweatshirts, team t-shirts and racerback tanktops. Purchase of any of these items is at your discretion.

4. This Week’s Schedule (3/8 – 3/14/2021)

We will be practicing at the SMAC (Shawnee Mission District Aquatic Center) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Girls are to meet out there as close to 3pm (weekdays) as they can on the days they are Virtual.

We have a bus Monday and Wednesday from South to SMAC that will leave from the Lamar lot at 2:50pm for those girls that are at school. It will return to South after practice, around 5:30pm

Swim Schedule
M/W/F – SMAC – 3-5:30pm
Tu/Thurs – SMS – 3-5:30pm
Sat – SMAC – 7:30am-9:30am

5. Meet Schedule

The Sunflower League has released an initial meet schedule. All meets have been added to our event calendar (which also include Google maps for event locations).

As always, this is subject to change. We will endeavor to keep the schedule up-to-date on the website, but highly recommend checking the League calendar for the most accurate information. Use the “view schedules” tool to filter by Swimming.

Reminder: Team Guidelines

The team handbook is available online. You may also download a copy of the SMS Swim and Dive Handbook (pdf). Any questions should be directed to Coach Berg.

The team 2021 COVID Guidelines are also summarized online, and available as a download.

Download Team COVID Protocols (pdf)

Quick Summary: Team COVID Procedures

  • All athletes are required to fill out a COVID questionnaire daily before they come to practice. Athletes should fill out a COVID questionnaire between 10 am and 12 pm. The daily COVID questionnaire can also be found on the Swim Website Menubar under Daily/COVID.
  • Athletes must have a mask/face covering on at all times. They will need to bring a zip-lock bag and before they enter the pool remove their mask and place it in the baggie and secure it. Once they exit the pool, they will need to put the mask back on.
  • If they are not feeling well, they MUST stay home and contact one of the coaches. Athletes that stay home may not return to practice or competition until they have been cleared by the SMS school nurse.
  • There will be no locker rooms. Athletes coming from home should come to practice dressed in their swimsuit. Athletes coming from school will change in bathrooms. Gym bags will be stowed in the swim area.
  • Athletes will be split into groups and groups will spread out around the pool based on their lanes. You are not allowed to change lanes unless specified by a Coach. While on deck, every athlete and coach will wear a mask and maintain social distancing.
  • Athletes may not carpool with non-family. If the athlete is driving, make sure to fill out Transportation Form.
  • No communal food or drink. No team meals, Saturday bagels, or team lunches. Do not share water bottles.

It’s Here! 2021 Girls Season Starts March 1st.

Finally, we’re back in the pool.

Welcome to the Girls Swim & Dive Season. After the disappointment of last year, we’re all looking forward to a great season in 2021. The boys team just completed a safe and successful season, finishing 2nd in the Sunflower League and 5th at State, where Coach Berg was named Kansas Boys 6A Coach of the Year. Congratulations to the boys team and all the coaches. Now it’s the girls turn to shine!

Team Communications

The website (including the event calendar) and the team mailing list are the primary communications tools used throughout the season. You should also follow the team on Twitter @smsraiderswim.

If you’re new to the team, make sure to join the mailing list. We send weekly emails including the schedule, announcements, meet information and results and other team information. If you were on the team previously, there is no need to resubscribe.

Coach Berg also communicates directly to the team via GroupMe and all athletes must join the group chats. There are three group chats: whole team, swimmers, and divers. Athletes MUST belong to two groups. All chat groups must have at least one coach as a member.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Berg (

Week 1 Schedule

Note: All practices this week will be at SMS. All participants must scan the QR Code DAILY and answer the health survey honestly before practice. All team members must wear a face mask at all times, when not in the pool.

All participants must have their KSHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Exam (PPE) and 2020/21 Athletic Participation Packet completed and on file with the school athletic department office to be allowed to practice. If you participated in a Fall or Winter sport you have taken care of this already. If you’re not sure, complete information is available on the SMS Raider Athletics page.

3:00pm – 5:30pm Monday-Friday
7:00am – 9:30am Saturday

Swimmers will need a one-piece swimsuit, goggles, cap (recommended), mask and plastic bag (Ziploc) to store your mask, and towel. A water bottle is recommended. No sharing of equipment, water bottles, etc. is allowed.

3:00pm – 5:30pm Monday-Friday
7:00am – 9:30am Saturday

Divers will need a one-piece suit, chamois (optional but recommended), and towel. Divers will not be required to put their masks on between dives but should practice appropriate social distancing.

Team Registration, Caps and Suits, and Spiritwear

Booster club information, team registration, and team suits and apparel information will be posted soon. Unfortunately, due to COVID protocols, team social/group activities are curtailed. There will be no “Bagel Saturdays” or team dinners this year.

Important: Team Guidelines

Team COVID protocols are summarized here. You are responsible for reviewing and adhering to the full team COVID Protocols (pdf). These protocols are based upon CDC, KSHSAA, Johnson County Health Department, SMSD, and SMS recommendations. Given the changing nature of the pandemic all recommendations and protocols may be modified as the season progresses. We will communicate and post about any changes with as much notice as possible. The number one goal for SMS Swim & Dive this season is to keep all athletes, coaches, and families as safe as possible. Do not sacrifice the health of your team for the benefit of an athletic performance.

Download Team COVID Protocols (pdf)

Athletes must:

  • Report any possible symptoms of COVID immediately to a healthcare provider. If an athlete is experiencing any symptoms they cannot attend practices or competition until they are cleared by a healthcare provider.
  • Join team GroupMe for communication purposes. We will have three official groups: whole team,swimming, and diving. You must belong to 2 groups. All groups must have at least one coach as a member.
  • Provide your own water (consider larger containers)
  • Provide at least one mask (used when not actively practicing)
  • Consider having a ziplock bag to put mask in when not used and putting your name on the bag
  • Provide hand sanitizer daily
  • Practice social distancing at all times
  • Not share any items (clothes, shoes, water, food, etc.)
  • Not have physical contact with another teammate purposely (no hand shakes, hugs, high fives, braiding each others hair, etc.)
  • Not car pool with anyone that is not living in the same household. This applies to practices and competitions.
  • Take all clothing home after practice daily. No items can be left in the locker rooms.
  • No locks will be checked out.

Athletes should:

  • Shower as soon as possible after practice and competitions
  • Wash clothes worn in practices and meets before wearing again.
  • Wash cloth masks frequently.
  • Assume that any situation can be a possible risk for exposure and take every precaution to reduce transmission risk.
  • Practice all guidelines beyond the team. At home and in any outside activities (club sports, music lessons, etc.).

Parents must:

  • Follow any guidelines that are communicated by the host school of the competitions. This could possibly include limits to numbers of spectators at a meet or having to leave as soon as your child finishes racing.
  • Not expect this season to be “normal” or like past seasons. IT IS OUR CURRENT REALITY.
  • Be flexible and understanding about changes that WILL occur during the season. There are many factors that are out of our control so directives can and will change.

Practice Guidelines

  1. Each athlete needs to scan the QR Code for Swim/Dive daily before practice and answer the survey honestly. If “yes” is answered on the questions, communicate with coach (email or text) immediately. Codes will be posted at practice location, coach’s classroom, athletic office, and locker room area.
  2. Athletes are to practice social distancing and standing 6+ feet apart at all times with masks on while not in the water. Divers will not be required to use a mask between dives, as a wet mask poses issues of their own, so it will be necessary to maintain social distancing during practice.
  3. Masks will be worn when inside the building and during non-swimming/diving portions of practices.
  4. Athletes will be assigned to “Training Groups” and will work within those groups. DO NOT CHANGE GROUPS. Coaches may move people around based on performance. Within those groups, you will be placed into lanes, athletes will remain in their lane unless moved by the coaches.
  5. After completing workout and any “extra” work (core, drills, stretching weight-training, etc.), athletes will be asked to leave practice and head home.
  6. There is no car-pooling to and away from practice with anyone that does not reside in your household.
  7. If you have to miss practice for any reason, please communicate with Coach Berg, Coach Neuman, Coach Chris in advance. Due to record keeping, this info is needed more than ever.

Meet Guidelines

  1. Meet guidelines will be fluid and determined by the host based on criteria from their school district and health agencies. Communication of guidelines will be posted on SMS Swim/Dive Website.
  2. Athletes, coaches, and families/supporters are expected to adhere to the guidelines for each meet.
  3. Athletes will need to scan QR Code and complete survey prior to the competition. If “yes” is answered to any of the questions, communicate with Coach Berg and stay home.
  4. Transportation may be limited this season. For Saturday meets, we may ask that parents transport athletes to the meets. Students that complete driving paperwork may be able to drive to meets. More info will be provided in advance of meets.
  5. No car-pooling with anyone that does not reside in your household.
  6. No team huddles, high fives, hugs, or any other close person actions. Remain socially distanced.
  7. We will need to remain socially distanced in the team area. Follow instructions given by coaches. This will likely differ from meet to meet and venue to venue.
  8. Parents/supporters are to remain out of the team area, away from the pool, and stay in the stands. Parents/supporters must wear masks while at the meet and remain distanced from others and the athletes.

SMS Girls Practice/Meet QR Code

Meet Schedule

The Sunflower League has NOT finalized the meet schedule. Once finalized, all meets will be added to our event calendar (which also include Google maps for event locations).

As always, and particularly this year, the schedule is subject to change with little notice. We will endeavor to keep the schedule up-to-date on the website, but highly recommend checking the League calendar for the most accurate information. Use the “view schedules” tool to filter by Swimming.

Team Handbook

The team handbook is also available online. Please keep in mind, COVID Protocols take precedence. You may also download a copy of the SMS Swim and Dive Handbook (pdf). Any questions should be directed to Coach Berg.