Sunflower League

Congratulations to the Varsity Sunflower League 2022 Team:

Grace Rood, Rosemary Derr, Gretchen Schmierer Knust, Tove Krussow, Carleigh Wissel, Charlotte Guthrie, Georgia McCabe, Lucy Niemann, Lauren Ohlde & Melody Wasco.

The girls had a wonderful weekend!

Sunflower League Results Click Here

State Qualification Times earned:

G. Schmierer Knust: 200 Yard IM (2:23.41)

T. Krussow: 50 Yard Freestyle (26.07)

State Consideration Times earned:

G. Rood: 100 Yard Breaststroke (1:16.55)



SMS finished 10th place overall with a team score of 113 points.

The 200 yard medley relay of Schmierer Knust, Rood, Krussow & Derr finished 5th.

The 200 yard freestyle relay of Guthrie, Wasco, Wissel & Derr finished 11th.

The 400 yard freestyle relay of Schmierer Knust, Rood, Guthrie & Krussow finished 6th.

T. Krussow finished 6th in the 50 freestyle, and G. Schmierer Knust finished 5th in the 100 yard backstroke, earning both girls a place on the podium.

See the Team Qualifiers page for the complete list of athletes who have qualified for State or achieved State consideration times.


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See you at the pool!!  Good Luck Raiders.