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Sunflower League

Congratulations to the Varsity Sunflower League 2022 Team:

Grace Rood, Rosemary Derr, Gretchen Schmierer Knust, Tove Krussow, Carleigh Wissel, Charlotte Guthrie, Georgia McCabe, Lucy Niemann, Lauren Ohlde & Melody Wasco.

The girls had a wonderful weekend!

Sunflower League Results Click Here

State Qualification Times earned:

G. Schmierer Knust: 200 Yard IM (2:23.41)

T. Krussow: 50 Yard Freestyle (26.07)

State Consideration Times earned:

G. Rood: 100 Yard Breaststroke (1:16.55)



SMS finished 10th place overall with a team score of 113 points.

The 200 yard medley relay of Schmierer Knust, Rood, Krussow & Derr finished 5th.

The 200 yard freestyle relay of Guthrie, Wasco, Wissel & Derr finished 11th.

The 400 yard freestyle relay of Schmierer Knust, Rood, Guthrie & Krussow finished 6th.

T. Krussow finished 6th in the 50 freestyle, and G. Schmierer Knust finished 5th in the 100 yard backstroke, earning both girls a place on the podium.

See the Team Qualifiers page for the complete list of athletes who have qualified for State or achieved State consideration times.


Varsity Prelim Sunflower League click here

JV Sunflower League click here

See you at the pool!!  Good Luck Raiders.

4/19 Heat Sheet/ Results SMS v Olathe East

Heat Sheet: 

heat sheet SMS v Olathe East

Meet Results:

SMS v Olathe East Results

Lots of great finishes in the pool last night!  

Congratulations to the following 1st place finishes:

C. Wissel: 200 yard freestyle.

G. Schmierer Knust: 200 yard IM & 100 yard backstroke.

G. Rood: 100 yard breaststroke.

G. Waller took 1st place at the dive meet, with a final score of 145.30.

Congratulations to the following 2nd place finishes:

G. Schmierer Knust, G. Rood, T. Krussow & C. Guthrie: 200 yard Medley Relay.

R. Derr: 100 yard butterfly.

T. Krussow: 100 yard breaststroke.

G. Rood, C. Wissel, C. Guthrie, T. Krussow: 200 yard freestyle relay.

Congratulations to the following 3rd place finishes:

G. McCabe, L. Niemann, R. Derr, M. Wasco: 200 yard medley relay.

G. McCabe: 200 yard IM.

T. Krussow: 100 yard freestyle.

See the Team Qualifiers page for the complete list of athletes who have qualified for State or achieved State consideration times.

4/7 Senior Night: SMS v LHS v Turner

Heat Sheet: 

lhs_turner_sms girls 22


Special congratulations to our Senior class: Grace Rood, Josie Mayabb, Zakaiyah Gillom & Elliot Grotzinger Frerichs.

SMS took second place with a team score of 173!

1st place finishes include: 200 yard medley A relay (Schmierer Knust, Rood, Krussow, Wissel), T.  Krussow 50 yard freestyle, G. Schmierer Knust 100 yard backstroke, 200 yard freestyle relay (Rood, Krussow, Wissel, Schmierer Knust) & G. Rood 100 yard breaststroke.

2nd place finishes include: G. Schmierer Knust 200 yard freestyle, T. Krussow 100 yard butterfly, G. McCabe 100 yard backstroke, & 400 yard freestyle relay (Guthrie, Ohlde, Wasco, McCabe)

3rd place finishes include: 200 yard medley B relay, C. Guthrie 100 yard freestyle, C. Guthrie 200 yard freestyle, 200 yard freestyle B relay (Guthrie, Derr, Ohlde, Grotzinger), M. Wasco 100 yard backstroke.


4/5 Heat Sheet & Meet Results

Heat Sheet: 

4-5-22 heat sheet smn vs on, emporia, onw, sms, smw

Meet Results:

smn 6 team invite results 4-5-22



SMS took 3rd place with a team score of 244 points.

Congratulations to the 200 Medley Relay on your State Qualifying swim!! (Schmierer Knust, Rood, Krussow, Wissel)

Congratulations G. Schmierer Knust on your 1st place finish in the 200 IM and a 1st place finish in the 100 back with a State Consideration time. 

Congratulations T. Krussow on your 1st place 50 free and 3rd place 100 back finishes.

Congratulations G. Rood on your 2nd place 100 breaststroke.

Congratulations to the 400 free relay on your 2nd place, State Consideration, finish. (Krussow, Wissel, Guthrie, Schmierer Knust)

See the Team Qualifiers page for the complete list of athletes who have qualified for State or achieved State consideration times.

Heat Sheet & Meet Results SMS v SMN 1/25/22

Heat Sheet: SMS v SMN

SMS v SMN 1/25/22

Meet Results: SMS v SMN

SMS v SMN Results 1/25


The Raiders decisively beat the SM North Bison last night at the SMAC at their last regular season meet. Several swimmers brought home the gold in their events including: Ryan Owens in the 100fly, Cian Glennon in the 200 IM, Joe Barreca in the 50 free, and Grady O’Connor 200 and 500 free with a state qualifying time. Lucas Beach got 2nd in back, Barreca 2nd in fly, Kyle Gelhaus 2nd in breast and IM. Carson Guthrie earned 3rd place in the 100 free, Graham Hopkins 3rd in the breast and Max Toney 3rd in 500. The 200 and 400 relays also won. The medley relays finished 2nd/3rd place consisting of Beach, Kyle Gelhaus, Cian Glennon, Graham Hopkins, Nathan Tompkins, Drew Gelhaus, Carson Guthrie, and Joe McKenzie.